Thursday, August 11, 2016

Vintage White & Gold Filing Cabinet

I've done a couple of filing cabinet makeovers before (here and here), but this one is a completely different style! No metal here, folks. I love the feminine, vintage feel this piece exudes. She sure is a looker! ;)

This baby is for sale for any of you locals! Only $45!

Now take a gander at the before. I'd say much improved!

Any other "pot" heads around here? ;) I make glitter mugs and things! Available in my etsy shop.

Thanks for stopping by y'all! :) See ya soon!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Gold and White Vintage Painted Wooden High Chair!

I had convinced myself when I was pregnant that I wanted a cute vintage high chair because the big plastic one I had with my first kiddo was so ugly! I my search finally led me to this piece. 

It was actually disgusting. So gross, dried food stuck ALL OVER IT. I mean, it wasn't just from one meal. I scrubbed the crap out of it thinking how could anyone feed their kid off something so dirty. And that's coming from someone who hasn't cleaned her bathroom in months. ;) It was that bad! After the rub down, it was a matter of using some spray primer and paint. I hand painted the center gold detail with a 1 inch brush for the outsides, and a tiny craft brush to get into the crevices of the molding. For durability (heh - we'll get into that) I topped it with about 3 coats of spray polycrilic, because I was just not for brushing that onto all of the spindles!

Those straps that came attached to the chair were completely worthless. They did not hold a baby in whatsoever. And they were ugly and gross (more old food) to boot. I just happened to have a cream and gold elephant scarf that I scored at goodwill, but had decided it didn't look good on me. Voila. Perfect matching seat belt! I just wove it through the middle molding, wrap it around her waist, and tie it in the back. It's stayed surprisingly clean, too!

I always try to be fair and honest with y'all. My little she devil bites the high chair. She literally gnaws off the paint in some spots. She leans forward and scrapes her teeth on the center part of the tray, or she'll go to one side and chew on either of the arms. The paint is coming off. However! If it weren't for her eating the chair instead of her food...this stands up to regular use very well! I've left spaghetti on this thing OVERNIGHT (among other things) when I just can't even. It always comes clean without leaving any stains.

**Bottom line, if you have an evil little furniture eater - a painted high chair is probably not the way to go. ;) **

All in all I love it. Would I do it again if I knew she'd chew off the finish in some places? Eh I'm still on the fence about that. Hope you enjoyed! ♥

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

New Guest Room, Same Stuff!

As you may or may not remember, I swapped the guest room and made it into the nursery. So, now I have ALL of the guest furniture and THINGS crammed into a smaller room. I've finally gotten around to taking photographs. I wanted to get this updated, so you can see the incoming transition. I'm pretty sure I've decided to make it a mom cave. Hubby is supposed to be getting a man cave, so it's only fair right?

I won't say much else, since it's really mostly the same guest room stuff just in a different room. So, enjoy. :) Here is my original first ever guest room post! Look how far I've come! ;)

The craziest part? Now I'm thinking of switching the guest room and nursery AGAIN. I mean I should have the bigger room for a mom cave right???? My only hindrance (aside from the extra work) is the nursery is right next door to the master bedroom. I'm always up later than my husband gaming, and I don't want to be too loud.